Legal consultancy

We advise our clients primarily in the field of business law, law of obligations and tax law. With transaction tax analysis we help to prepare required agreements and documentation, to prepare transactions and consult in other urgent questions.

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Starting business in another country

Baker Tilly network has member firms in 114 countries. Through our network we help you find a partner who can consult and support you during the start-up process in your target market.

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Management controls

Rapid changes in environment require constant monitoring of the activities of the company in order to detect unwanted changes as soon as possible. We assist managers in establishment and development of the system of indicators suitable for monitoring the operations of the organisation.


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Financial consultancy

Money is often one aspect that helps us to make choices. 

Preparation of budget for project may give the answer to the question whether start-up of new activity or making an investment is economically reasonable.

In difficult times timely intervention by keeping costs under control may save failing company from serious difficulties.


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Preparation of business plans

As a rule, building a house requires a project. The same applies to starting a business – you need to ascertain the basics at first. One of the reasons for failure of start-up businesses is poor consideration of planned activities and budget.





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Sander Kallasmaa, Partner